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Like every other Agent we want to market your property!
But not at any cost, and not without advising you of all the options that are available to you.
You need to know the best method of achieving the BEST PRICE within the timetable you have available.
Every property is different and sometimes a little work to the building will bring you greater rewards.
The more photogenic the building, the better the marketing results.

We have detailed knowledge of the local commercial market, and can offer you the benefit of that experience to provide a market appraisal that accurately reflects what is happening in the marketplace.
Based on that we can decide on the marketing strategy and the most productive asking price or rent.
We believe you should be armed with the best advice before you put your property on the market. It should not be significantly over or under valued, and continuous price reductions are unlikely to get you the best price or lease terms.
Our fees are competitive.
See our banner on Zoopla when you make a local commercial search.
Watch for our logo on properties marketed on that portal.
Agent to Agent sites can also be used if that is an appropriate medium.
For Sale or To Let Boards are included, although you do not have to have them.
An Initial Market Appraisal is free of charge, with no obligation. So if you are considering marketing your commercial property, or want an independent second opinion, please call or email for a call back.

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