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As an RICS Registered Valuer, I can undertake Professional Valuation work for many different purposes.
Most typically Valuation Reports are required for:
Pre Purchase Reports An independent opinion made before you complete a purchase.
SIPP Report Many small commercial properties are owned by a private pension schemes, and a Report on Market Value (or Market Rent) is required before a transaction is completed. Regular revaluations and confirmation of Rent at the Rent Review dates may also be needed.
Close Transactions Often there are closely connected parties, where your accountant will require an opinion of value that will be used to support figures put to the Revenue.
Inheritance Tax Often incorrectly known as a Probate Valuation.
Valuations for Charities To comply with their Statutory duty when selling.
Matrimonial Valuation Where there is a dispute on the value of any property.
Often an Expert Report is required, which can be done independent of any party in a dispute, and will often be addressed direct to The Court.
We have a long established working knowledge of the area and the local property market.
Being involved in property agency, we know what has sold, (what has not) and where demand is, so have a “hands on” feel for the market without relying entirely on a comparable database of property that another Valuer may never have physically seen.

All Reports will be undertaken personally, and are not completed by a junior and just signed off.
Fees are agreed upfront, and set out clearly in our Terms of Engagement.
If you want to discuss your need for a Valuation, please call or email without obligation and in confidence.

David Walker BSc FRICS,
RICS Registered Valuer.

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